Technical Department

We are gifted to have a group of well-experienced experts, overlooking all technical aspects of our fleet. Owing to our very attentive, very prudent and very detail-minded port engineers, our fleet has been trading worldwide, meeting the increasingly stern international rules, port requirements and port state control inspections.

The ongoing ship replacement policy of our management has our engineers embark upon a constant new-building program which had primarily been focused in Japanese shipyards. However, we are prepared and adopted to the changes in ship-building as well as ship repair industries. Further to Japanese shipyards, we are gaining firsthand knowledge in Korean, Chinese, Philippine, Singapore, Australia and other shipyards. Due to our vessels’ trading pattern, where our vessels frequently call Japan, we have an established agent in Tokyo to support our Taipei technical department. Our Tokyo agent provides effective and timely assistance to our fleet during the vessels’ stays in Japan. As our business and world trade transform, our Shanghai office is playing an ever more important role in overall management of our fleet. With clear instruction, well-defined responsibilities and sharing of knowledge among our engineers from different locations, we are setting a high standard in modern ship management!

Quality ship management has become an international focus as more international rules and regulations are set up to govern the shipping industry and protect the world environment. We feel that all these rules and regulations would only solidify our position in ship management and boast our commitment to eco-friendly shipping.

Efficiency onboard our fleet is equally important and hoping to leave the next generation with a better and cleaner world, we are investing in the future by continuing to update our fleet with the most modern and eco-friendly technology, machines and equipments. We are continuing our drive to improve our workflow and focus on loss-prevention. We believe that with EFFICIENCY, early-problem-detection while stay green to our environment, we can distinguish this company’s management from our peers.