General Planning Dept

Ship-owning and ship management are critical business activities of this company. We are a respectable ship manger as well as ship-owner, as many of our vessels are long-term time-chartered-out.

The Planning Department liaises with our important long-term Charterers and ship owners to ensure smooth and full execution of any agreement. The Department is also the coordinator and leader of our many projects. The department has 3 ongoing significant projects:

    1. Emphasis on eco-friendly – we believe that an efficient working environment, whether on land or at sea, is essential to our success. We are keeping our office and our ship at the highest standard, with emphasis on eco-friendly. We are continuing to upgrade and computerize our office and vessels. Our vessels are email-linked and equipped with the most advanced and updated machinery as well as communication tools.

    2. Monitoring our performance for “Kaizen” – maintaining a cost-effective and competitive fleet is our lifeline; therefore, we are tracking and evaluating our performance so to uphold our ceaseless efforts to improve.

    3. Fleet expansion – the department is also responsible for the important tasks of contracting our new-building as well as Sale and Purchasing (S&P) negotiation of our second-hand-vessel. We are closely watching the market, anticipating any opportunity. Expect us to expand our fleet and our business further in the near future.