Message from the Chairman

The shipping industry is entering into a new era, which has proven to be as challenging as ever. Highly volatile market has become a norm and the entire shipping community continues to be confronted with the delicate balancing act of the shipping’s supply and demand.

Hsin Chien Marine Co., Ltd. (HCM) has continued to focus on our core business, which is to provide the very first-class ship management to our fleet and our Charterers.

Owing to the dedications of our outstanding Marine department, Technical department and HCM Shanghai, the HCM’s management fleet has and will continue to grow along with our clients, Charterers and partner-lists. Our sizable bulker fleet ranges from Capesize, Panamax to Handymax and Small Handy and our fleet is superiorly managed since in addition to complying with all international rules and regulations as well as inspection requirements of Port State Control (PSC), our fleet must also meet all specifications set forth by our Charterers, one of which would be NAV9000.

Long-term time-charter contracts on most of our vessels provide a steady and secure base to expand our own chartering and operation business.

The HCM Chartering department actively operates a fleet of Small Handy and Handymax vessels. We are committed but do not limit our chartering activities to Taiwan tramp market. We are ever expanding our chartering network globally and aggressively building up our own operation fleet, where we still have numerous New-Buildings on-order. Our New-Buildings have predominantly been contracted with Japanese shipyards, however, along with our ship-repairing needs; we are collaborating with Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Philippine, Singapore, Australia and other shipyards.

In this new era of shipping, China has the world’s attention! Our HCM Shanghai has been established since 1997 and has attained ship management status since 2009. HCM Shanghai works closely with HCM Taipei to actively manage our ever growing fleet. We expect to further leverage this important presence in the coming years, to handle much of our shipping needs directly from China.

It is a very challenging time for us and our long term Japanese partners; however, we are ever motivated to work through challenges, changes and possible adversities. We are harvesting our years of alliance with first class partners and our unwavering business principal. HCM is positioned stronger than ever and confident in following our sure path of growth. Lastly, in the world where we face different challenges of all kinds, we should not sacrifice our environment to achieve our goals. At HCM, we are committed to improving the world for our future generations. We look forward to your joining us in this commitment as well any opportunity to deepen our friendship!