HCM Shanghai

Located in the center and busily streets of Shanghai, on the Pu Xi side, HCM Shanghai has followed the similar rapid growth path of China. Established in 1997, HCM Shanghai has evolved swiftly to assume a vital role in our success. Staffed with the exceptional Captains and Chief Engineers from aboard our ships, HCM Shanghai is responsible to recruit, screen, educate and man our entire fleet with the most capable crews from all corners of China.

HCM Shanghai is an independent ship manager and actively contributes to uphold our fleet at the best possible condition. Accessible to makers, suppliers and repair facilities of the shipping world in China, HCM Shanghai fronts our efforts to not only make us efficient but cost-effective as well.

Success of HCM Shanghai did not achieve without a struggle, however, with full commitment from the very early stage, we are just beginning to harvest the fruit of success while earning admiration from our peers.

The high standard of ship management provide by HCM Shanghai is a hard act for other managers to follow, but it is crucial to our management. As our fleet continues to expand, expect HCM Shanghai to ever shoulder an intricate role in our quests!