Marine Department

The important task of manning our vessels rests on the shoulders of our staff in Marine Department. Our staffs all are seasoned captain and experienced veterans at their duties, so we are able to meet all demands as well as provide first class ship management to our first class Charterers and ship-owners.

We are one of the earliest pioneers and the most successful in combining strengths of Taiwanese key-men with Mainland Chinese crews. Our dedication and over 20 years of commitment in China have produced a significant pool of reliable and experienced seamen as well as provided our fleet with a distinct advantage. We are aggressively recruiting capable Taiwanese and Chinese seamen, and have a well-devised cadet training program. Owing to the success of our Chinese cadet program, majority of our fleet are not only all-Chinese staffed but staffed with outstanding Captains and Chief Engineers who are graduates from our cadet program. We are anticipating favorable progress from our Taiwanese recruits and cadet program as well. Safety is our utmost priority! In addition to strict screening and training of our crews, our port captain and onshore personnel frequently visit to conduct inspections of our vessels and crew-reviews. Furthermore, our routine shore-to-sea exercises and close monitoring of all follow-up actions are all evidences of our commitment to safety. Our desire and relentless strive for quality ship management lead us to become the first shipping company in Taiwan in attaining the company DOC of the ISM code in 1995, two and a half year ahead of the required compliance schedule!

Strive for quality ship management requires endless efforts. We have further established a Shanghai office since 1997, fully equipped with crew training center to efficiently manage our manning requirements. Our Shanghai office has subsequently expanded to become an indispensable arm, attaining DOC and independent ship manager status in 2009. Presently, our Shanghai office jointly shares the challenge of effectively and efficiently manages our ever growing fleet.